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creative copywriter

Travelled quite a bit, worked in restaurants a lot and not worked in or on advertising nearly enough for my liking (hopefully you can change that).


I like to write, short things, longer things, captions, adverts, tweets,
even a dissertation at Bucks (won't be doing that again).

I also take pictures, align things on InDesign and vector on Illustrator.

I bought the full package at Bucks Ad School & took part in a 'free trial' at School of Communication Arts 2.0 for the last two months of the course partnering up with an AD so my creative output definitely has a lot of strategy behind it.


As of now, I’m a single creative looking for both a partner and solo creative / writing positions.

Placements / experience

I've been away from the industry for a couple of years but previously I visited,

in various placement / experience roles;

JWT (back when it was JWT) / RAPP UK / VCCP / BBH 

Working on clients such as Kit Kat, Aero, Shell and Virgin Media.


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